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The importance of lightning protection

: 2018-02-25 22:18:50 | : 2182

Due to the increasing cost of failures of electrical and electronic systems, caused by electromagnetic effects of lightning. Of particular importance are electronic systems used in data processing and storage as well as process control and safety for plants of considerable capital cost, size and complexity (For which plant outages are very undesirable for cost and safety reasons). 

Today’s world is full of electronic products and devices that are susceptible to damage from over-voltage surges. Whether the cause is static discharge or lightning, Over-voltage surges can quickly destroy consumer electronics or sophisticated electronic packages used in industrial and commercial applications. 

There are no devices nor methods capable of modifying the natural weather phenomena to the extent that they can prevent lightning discharges. Lightning flashes to, Or nearby, structures (Or services connected to the structures). Are hazardous to people, to the structures themselves, their contents and installations as well as to services. This is why the application of lightning protection measures is essential.

Lightning as a source of harm 

Lightning as a source of harm is a very high-energy phenomenon. Lightning flashes release many hundreds of mega-joules of energy. When compared with the milli-joules of energy that may be sufficient to cause damage to sensitive electronic equipment in electrical and electronic systems within a structure, it is clear that additional protection measures will be necessary , to protect some of this equipment

Surge protection: what should be considered?      

Effective surge protection is not just simply installed. It has to be individually coordinated based on the system that is to be protected and the ambient conditions that are prevalent on site. For this reason, the design and concept must be consistent. This means that many details must be taken into account, for everything from standards and stipulations to creating a lightning protection zone concept.

The importance of lightning protection

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