SPD - Type2

RL320 (385 )-60M2-31R Type 2 /Class Ⅱ SPD(surge protective devices) with anti-vibration pluggable module

Description: DIN rail, Type 2 /Class Ⅱwith anti-vibration pluggable module for use in a.c. TNC or IT system at boundaries from LPZ 0B -1 and higher. 


● Non-destructive screening technology for MOV 

● Reliable thermal disconnect device 

● High discharge capacity 

● Consisting of a base part and pluggable modules 

● Easy replacing and anti-vibration due to module releasing and locking system 

● Visual and remote status indication 

● Multifunctional terminals for connecting conductors and busbars

Product description:

Part NumberRL320-60M2-31RRL385-60M2-31R
Nominal Voltage (Un)230/400Vac230/400Vac
Max. continuous operating voltage (Uc)320Vac(L-N),255Vac(N-PE)385Vac(L-N),255Vac(N-PE)
Nominal discharge current (8/20 µs) (In)30kA30kA
Max.discharge surge current (8/20μs) (Imax)60kA60kA
Voltage protection level (Up)1.8kV(L-N),1.5(N-PE)2.0kV(L-N),1.5(N-PE)
Voltage protection level for 5kA (Up)1.2kV1.3kV
Response time (tA)≤25ns≤25ns
Short circuit withstand capability25kArms25kArms
Temporary overvoltage (TOV) (Ut)337V/5s440V/5s
Max. overcurrent protection≤125A gL/gG≤125A gL/gG
TOV characteristicWithstandWithstand

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