Signal SPD

RST385BCMF SPD for use in power supply and video monitoring Systems

Description:Compact 3 in 1 SPD for use in power supply and video monitoring Systems,and installation at the boundaries from LPZ 0B-2 and higher. 

Features :

● High discharge capacity 

● Reliable thermo disconnect device equipment 

● Capable of protecting terminal equipment 

● Visual and remote status indication 

● Small size 

● Easy installation

Product description:

Nominal Voltage (Un)24Vac(power)5Vdc(IT)230Vac(power)5Vdc(IT)
Max. continuous operating d.c. voltage (Uc)24Vac(power)5Vdc(IT)385Vac(power)5Vdc(IT)
Nominal discharge current (8/20 µs) (In)5kA5kA
Max. discharge current (8/20 µs) (Imax)10kA10kA
Voltage protection level (Up)75V(power 8/20 μs @5kA)1.2kV(power 8/20 μs @5kA)

25V(IT 10/700 μs)25V(IT 10/700 μs)
Response time (tA)25ns25ns
Rated load current (IL)2A(power)2A(power)
Max. Over current protection15A15A
Max. transmission rate10Mbps10Mbps
Surge impedance75ohm75ohm

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