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RS LSA X C 110S surge voltage protection for ten pairs of conductors

Summary:RS LSA X C110S is installed at LPZ 0A-2 or higher, based on the LSA-PLUS wiring technology, easy for installation. It can provide surge voltage protection for ten pairs of conductors or twenty single conductors, designed according to IEC 61643-21; GB 18802.21; YD/T 1542. 

Main character:Good transmission Easy for installation For installing at LPZ 0A-2 or higher 

Application: RS LSA X C110S is mainly used for telephone system and also measurement and control fields.

Product description:

ModelRS LSA X C 110S
Nominal voltage(Un)110V
Rated voltage (max. continuous d.c.voltage)(Uc)120V
Rated voltage (max. continuous a.c.voltage)(Uc)84.6V
Nominal current (IL)0.18A
Lightning impulse current (10/350 µs)(Iimp)2KA
Nominal discharge current (8/20 µs) per line(In)5kA
Voltage protection level at In (UP)≤ 240V (line-PE)
Voltage protection level (line-PE) at 1 kV/µs (Up)≤180V (line-PE)
Capacitance line-PE (C)≤ 1nF

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